bug #1544670 [1], as I wrote and read it, is a frontend-facing UX
ticket, and technology-wise it's about an API design. The plugins I
list are just examples.

All these examples are only possible to implement after, first, UX has
made and approved their UI+UX design, and second, Canonical has taken
a decision to start the implementation and document the API for us
developers. Afterwards everyone is free to do some hacking, or file
bug reports as supportive action or preparation for the actual
implementation. You're welcome to do so now already, of course - at
the price of reworking them later. The first must-have plugin would
have to be the mandatory emergency calling.

That's all there is about this ticket.

In the end you're right. Everything in this ticket that points to
discussions about a "Circle design" should be moved to a new "Circle
design plugin" ticket. Or the API design could be moved to a separate
ticket, and this one rewritten specifically to a "plugin request". I'd
prefer to see authoritative comments from Canonical on this topic
first, though.



2016-09-19 12:52 GMT+02:00 Sam Bull <>:
> On Mon, 2016-09-19 at 11:31 +0200, Peter Bittner wrote:
>> Sadly enough, this idea is nothing new in fact.
> That's not an idea, that's about a dozen ideas. I would recommend
> splitting those into different bug reports, with a single feature
> request for each thing. Some appear to be feature requests, and may
> already be implemented (such as unlock with PIN, fingerprint scan
> etc.). Others appear to be requests for specific kinds of APIs to be
> exposed for developers, which could be added to the existing APIs (such
> as the existing ability to add messages into the circle).
> But, there are many very different requests you've listed, and each
> should be tracked separately, in my opinion.

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