Hi everyone who loves Ubuntu phone,

I've just updated bug #1544670 on Launchpad. Because it makes me sad
to see no movement for an idea we've discussed with dedication.

A quick summary:

Instead of providing a hard-wired circle design (that some people
wouldn't want)  we should have an API for the greeter app. Via this
API we, as developers, could provide applications / plugins / addons
(whatever you want to call it) that provide:

- attaching background images, videos, animations to the greeter
- showing information about music being played
- listing notifications that have come in
- unlocking via a pin code
- unlocking via a gestures (circle, swiping, etc.)
- unlocking via fingerprint scan, iris scan, face recognition, DNA
whatever (near-term sci-fi stuff)
- unlocking via remote commands and devices (e.g. via smart watch,
near-field communication, etc.)
- placing emergency phone calls (included by default for regulatory
reasons, obviously)
- etc.

This way the "circle design" could be totally optional, and it could
be easily provided by fans of this idea in the Ubuntu community. It
would also lead to a flexible, future-proof, clean design and
implementation. Only the basis should be provided by "the platform",
Ubuntu Touch.

Sadly enough, this idea is nothing new in fact. The competitors that
we play catch-up with, don't they do it this way, adding app updates
to the locked screen? And, to anticipate critics, there should be
nothing wrong with providing updates also via the greeter app, apart
from the notification area. The greeter could theoretically be
interfacing with the notifications. It could even be made a user
choice whether to show updates in the greeter only, the notification
tray, the audio tray, or all (default).

Please add your thoughts to bug #1544670 on Launchpad. Also, cast your
vote if you haven't already. ("Yes, it affects me")

Cheers, Peter

P.S.: Which one is the correct source code repo for the greeter app
used on Ubuntu phone?

2016-02-11 18:41 GMT+01:00 Peter Bittner <peter.bitt...@gmx.net>:
> Dedicated to all fanboys and fangirls of the Ubuntu phone circle design:
> I've added a new feature request (bug report) in Ubuntu-UX:
>   "Unique lock screen design w/ circle gestures to unlock"
>   - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/1544670
> Please, everyone who cares about a beautiful, useful, awesome
> circle-design lock screen / greeter app for the Ubuntu phone, please
> vote for this feature request by clicking the "This bug affects you"
> link on top of the bug report page (right below the title). You have
> to be logged in to do that. Create a Launchpad account if you don't
> have one already, it's worth the effort.
> Thanks everyone for listening and helping to make our opinions heard,
> Peter
> 2015-11-02 11:41 GMT+01:00 Ivo Xavier <ivofernande...@gmail.com>:
>> Hi everyone!
>> One feature to add could be the "long press". What's this? Well, the current
>> behavior is "double-tap" in order to view our statics of usage of the
>> phone/apps. What if a "long-press" functionality was added?
>> Example:
>> 1) "No music listen today" --> "long-press" --> Music app opens;
>> Then the lock screen becomes also a "shortcut" to the apps (music,
>> phone,......).
>> I don't know if this "request" is in the right place but here it goes
>> (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libusermetrics/+bug/1495549)
>> Big hug to all!
>> Ivo Xavier

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