Hi Martin!

I also experienced this case last week but it had nothing in common with OTA13 
I think (I also use e4.5 krillin with two sim cards). I fell in love with this 
phone because of the battery that hold even for a week if nobody called me. Now 
I need to find my charger every 3-4 days as You wrote. Last week however I was 
losing about 50% capacity per day. Until the reboot. After reboot I'm loosing 
again about 15%-20% per day. The phone load to 99% quite normal. Then the very 
last 1% needs longer till the battery is full.Now a bit of my experience and 
observation of all Li-ion batteries. Before the week I mentioned above I 
discharged the battery below 20%. As I read many times and experienced on many 
devices (especially Nokia phones that used to have great batteries that never 
died) Li-ion doesn't like to be brought under the 20-30% level. Every time I 
went with my Nokia to the 20% or below, battery lasted shorter period of time 
before I connected it to a charger at over 50-60%. My tip also for You would be 
to reboot the phone and connect it to the charger every time You see the 
battery state goes under this 50-60%. You can also leave the phone connected to 
the charger when it is full. It seems to harm only for longer periods of time 
in notebooks. I know people and did it myself who always left their phone 
connected for a whole night and didn't notice that battery died younger through 
overcharging. Actually I never experienced overcharging in a phone. I think 
You'd have to replug it every time when You see something about 95% and then 
hold it connected for a charge long hours long.Try my tip with charging every 
time over 50-60% and a bit "overcharging" instead of disconnecting from a 
charger instantly when You see the battery is full.Another theory is that a 2A 
charger is better than a 1A. My Nexus 5 which has a pretty weak battery is a 
great testing device. I noticed it discharges longer when I charge it with an 
original 1A charger and I'm not sure if the 2A charger is not the reason why it 
hardly makes it through a day. I'd have to start to charge it now with USB 2.0 
500mA to check if the experienced theory is right if its battery ain't already 
"impaired" too much.I read many theories abut batteries and at some points it 
never reaffirmed my experiences. I one article I read recently was told that 
the best capacity of Li-ion batteries is between 30-40% till 90%. My Nexus 
always lost the first 10% from 100 to 90 in a blink of an eye.If You'll try 
something, share Your experiences. It is pretty interesting if You confirm my 
theory. Last week I thought already that discharging under 10% was my biggest 
mistake and the battery will never as strong again as before. But I made it and 
as I said, I lose again about 15-20% per day, not 50%. I didn't notice OTA-13 
changed anything.
Best regards

      From: Martin Bolte <martinbo...@googlemail.com>
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 Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 3:29 PM
 Subject: [Ubuntu-phone] Power management in OTA 13
Hello all,

since I updated to OTA 13 I observe a change in power management of the 
device. It is taking quite longer to load the device and when the 
battery had been lasting for 3-4 days until the next reload was 
necessary this term was cut by half to 1-2 days currently.

Not sure if someone observed anything similar. I am using a bq Aquaris 
e4.5 with Krillin installed on it.



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