Yesterday after writing the last e-mail I reconnected my phone having 92%. It 
lost 8% within an hour. I charged it to the 100% this time without that strange 
long lasting 99% withing less than one hour. 24 hours later after playing a bit 
in a browser, a few phone calls, two alarm clocks etc. I'm at 82% which I find 
a very good result as for all operations I made today. That should let me live 
without charger for something like 4-5 days. I'm under krillin with OTA13. I 
never let my phone die and look for a charger not later than at 30%. I recharge 
the battery at almost every possibility when i see the battery level is close 
to 50%.All in all as I proved with two different behaviours from the last 
24hrs, it seems to be more about how You treat You battery as a hardware. 
Software doesn't have to be the reason for strange behaviours.Most of the 
battery indicators show voltage. That means many devices (as old Nokias) used 
to show 100% after 10minutes of charging from 0% state. The charging process 
continued however for the next 40-50 minutes. You should think about it when 
using Your phones.And the very first rule in Li-ion is to try to recharge the 
battery as soon as possible when it is close to zero state. Leaving the battery 
empty for a few days is the worst you can do. Try to recharge always not later 
than at 30-20% if You want Your battery to live longer.
Best regards

      From: Martin Bolte <>
 To: Marcin Xc <>; Martin Bolte 
<>; Ubuntu-phone <> 
 Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 5:31 PM
 Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Power management in OTA 13
 Hey Marcin, thanks for sharing your experience. I will do some experiments 
regarding the charging. 
  Acutally related to my usage - travelling frequently - it happens from time 
to time that the battery gets unloaded totally so that the phone connects. I 
also noticed that with a remainder of 30% or less capacity the indication of 
the phone gets rather erroneuos and battery level may drop 10-20% within some 
instants. I actually left my charger in the house of a friend not long ago and 
I am currently charging it on the USB-port of my computer, which naturally 
takes longer. 
  As soon as I get my original charger back I will do some more sampling and 
share my experience. But over all I notice exactly as you describe the 
astonishing duration of the battery (I've been showing off to all my friends) 
has been shortened significantly (what will I tell them now?).
 Am 14.10.2016 um 17:10 schrieb Marcin Xc:
 Hi Martin!
 I also experienced this case last week but it had nothing in common with OTA13 
I think (I also use e4.5 krillin with two sim cards). I fell in love with this 
phone because of the battery that hold even for a week if nobody called me. Now 
I need to find my charger every 3-4 days as You wrote. Last week however I was 
losing about 50% capacity per day. Until the reboot. After reboot I'm loosing 
again about 15%-20% per day. The phone load to 99% quite normal. Then the very 
last 1% needs longer till the battery is full. Now a bit of my experience and 
observation of all Li-ion batteries. Before the week I mentioned above I 
discharged the battery below 20%. As I read many times and experienced on many 
devices (especially Nokia phones that used to have great batteries that never 
died) Li-ion doesn't like to be brought  under the 20-30% level. Every time I 
went with my Nokia to the 20% or below, battery lasted shorter period of time 
before I connected it to a charger at over 50-60%. My tip also for You would be 
to reboot the phone and connect it to the charger every time You see the 
battery state goes under this 50-60%. You can also leave the phone connected to 
the charger when it is full. It seems to harm only for longer periods of time 
in notebooks. I know people and did it myself who always left their phone 
connected for a whole night and didn't notice that battery died younger through 
overcharging. Actually I never experienced overcharging in a phone. I think 
You'd have to replug it every time when You see something about 95% and then 
hold it connected for a charge long hours long. Try my tip with charging every 
time over 50-60% and a bit "overcharging" instead of disconnecting from a 
charger instantly when You see the battery is full. Another theory is that a 2A 
charger is better than a 1A. My Nexus 5 which has a pretty weak battery is a 
great testing device. I noticed it discharges longer when I charge it with an 
original 1A charger and I'm not sure if the 2A charger is not the reason why it 
hardly makes it through a day. I'd have to start to charge it now with USB 2.0 
500mA to check if the experienced theory is right if its battery ain't already 
"impaired" too much. I read many theories abut batteries and at some points it 
never reaffirmed my experiences. I one article I read recently was told that 
the best capacity of Li-ion batteries is between 30-40% till 90%. My Nexus 
always lost the first 10% from 100 to 90 in a blink of an eye. If You'll try 
something, share Your experiences. It is pretty interesting if You confirm my 
theory. Last week I thought already that discharging under 10% was my biggest 
mistake and the battery will never as strong again as before. But I made it and 
as I said, I lose again about 15-20% per day, not 50%.  I didn't notice OTA-13 
changed anything. 
  Best regards 
        From: Martin Bolte <>
 To: Ubuntu Phone <> 
 Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 3:29 PM
 Subject: [Ubuntu-phone] Power management in OTA 13
 Hello all,
 since I updated to OTA 13 I observe a change in power management of the 
 device. It is taking quite longer to load the device and when the 
 battery had been lasting for 3-4 days until the next reload was 
 necessary this term was cut by half to 1-2 days currently.
 Not sure if someone observed anything similar. I am using a bq Aquaris 
 e4.5 with Krillin installed on it.
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