On 09/04/18 21:13, Steve Langasek wrote:
The one other value milestone images provide is to give a "known good" image
to install the development release from.  We have solved this for Ubuntu
Desktop and Server by having automated tests that gate the promotion of an
image build to "current".  I would strongly encourage flavors to collaborate
around this automation, instead of continuing to rely on a heavy-weight
manual test process that leaves the "known good" image stale for weeks at a

Code for this automation lives here:


If there is interest from flavors in having this image gate, I would be
willing to argue for Canonical hosting of the test infrastructure, as...

I am certainly interested in that from Xubuntu point of view - I do try to at least check that we built overnight. And time willing zsync and quick boot to desktop.

So that would make my life simpler for sure.

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