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> The one other value milestone images provide is to give a "known good" image
> to install the development release from.  We have solved this for Ubuntu
> Desktop and Server by having automated tests that gate the promotion of an
> image build to "current".  I would strongly encourage flavors to collaborate
> around this automation, instead of continuing to rely on a heavy-weight
> manual test process that leaves the "known good" image stale for weeks at a
> time.
> Code for this automation lives here:
>   https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-test-cases/desktop
> If there is interest from flavors in having this image gate, I would be
> willing to argue for Canonical hosting of the test infrastructure, as
> necessary.
> And if there *isn't* interest from flavors in doing this, well, I also don't
> think that should block on that as a reason to carry on with the existing
> milestone process, which I think is a very inefficient use of everyone's
> time.

I think this is an excellent idea which would be great to look into for
the 18.10 cycle.

Count Lubuntu in.

> So to summarize, I think the right path forward is:
>  - discontinue all opt-in milestones for 18.10 and beyond
>    - implicitly discontinuing the matching milestone freezes
>  - coordinate a cadence of "testing weeks", organized by the flavor leads
>    (i.e.: requires no involvement from ubuntu-cdimage or ubuntu-release in
>    order to drive to success)
>  - at the flavor teams' discretion, implement automated QA gating of daily
>    image promotions

Great, I think we're on the same page here. :)

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