In my view it is too late to make such a change. We release in two weeks.

If the current versions of gimp (2.8) and mypaint install fine, I would
leave it that way. I thought is was only if gimp 2.10 was installed that
there was the clash with mypaint?

I think it would be a good idea to create snaps for our priority
packages, and encourage upstream to maintain them. And then if someone
wants the latest and greatest, they can install it. Adding relevant
snaps to our seeds )instead of the Debian package) would be a good
test/goal for 18.10.

On 11/04/18 19:50, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> Hi again,
> Speaking with Jeremy Bicha (and Ross, apparently you had a previous 
> conversation), GIMP 2.10 is supposed to be out shortly. However, since 
> libmypaint was split and the new version is dependent on a newer version, 
> having GIMP and MyPaint installed together breaks MyPaint until its 1.3 
> release.
> So, the question is whether or not we keep 2.8, change GIMP to a snap, or 
> remove MyPaint from the install.
> Thoughts?
> Erich

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