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I won't be able to attend today (family outing starts an hour before)

 *  Old Business
     +  Wallpaper created by Eylul

Both ubuntustudio-look and ubuntustudio-default-settings need to be released by someone who has access.

     +  Testing of package selection in Ubiquity – follow up
     +  Discussion of Desktop Environments / Len’s testing – thoughts

Just started :) I will do MATE next so I can look at:

     +  Discuss moving forward with adaptation of Ubuntu MATE’s welcome app to
        replace “ubuntustudio-installer” for 18.10

 *  New Business
     +  GIMP 2.10 conflict with MyPaint 1.3 – (Per our mailing list discussion I
        commented on the bug
        (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/1759625) to keep 
        in at this time and move to 2.10 in the future after MyPaint, with users
        who want 2.10 in the meantime getting the snap version once it’s
        available) – further discussion?
     +  Ubuntu Studio 18.04 not an LTS – low manpower – further discussion?
     +  Ross is busy – will miss the release. (I’m available that morning – Los
        Angeles time, but I might be able to handle pushing a button or sending
        out a release notification. Will likely enlist the help & guidance of
        Simon Quigley)

Ross was the one I was hoping would release the two above packages... need to find someone else.

-controls has reached a dividing point for it's cpu governor stuff. What works on 16.04 does not work on 18.04. I do not know which release/cycle made the change. If someone happens to have 17.10 or 17.04 could they please check for the existance of /etc/init.d/ondemand or similar. 16.04 has it, 18.04 does not. (18.04 uses systemd)

Bug in 18.04 cpufrequilts - rc script runs before the required kernel modules are loaded :) and needs to be systemd-ified to work well with the normal ondemand hack. By the way for those of you interested, powersave does, ondemand does not. Ondemand actually uses more power/hattery/gets hotter than performance. powersave runs completely in the cpu and so works, but ondemand is software based and so if the cpu is idle it keeps getting woke up to see if it is busy. performance does not do that.

This probably means our current -controls is broken but not in a crashy way, just cpu governor settings will not carry over from session to session, the rt part is still fine.

Len Ovens
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