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I installed Studio 18.10 today and then dropped kubuntu-desktop in on

Good info, but why couldn’t we have ubuntustudio-desktop-xfce pull lightdm and have ubuntustudio-desktop-plasma pull sddm? That said, sddm is extremely theme-able and wouldn’t be a bad replacement if we have to go that route.

I am assuming that a good percentage of people will choose both DEs. In that case we want the one that works for both. Having said that, I am quite sure I could create a lightdm configuration that would not show the Wayland entry or the plain xfce/plasma entries. It would be similar word to do the same thing on sddm, but if we leave things alone... then if someone installs studio and then installs gnome on top then the login gnome style will just work.

Quite honestly, I think we could provide plasma as a DE by changing
kubuntu-desktop a very little to give our backdrop and the one tweak for window stacking.

I would also suggest removing the Wayland-related package to fix the problem described above. I think until Wayland becomes mainstream, it’s a no-go for us.

It would be nice to know where they are. I grabbed the file list for kubuntu-desktop (depends and suggests) and there are no wayland files in there. I think we would have to try blacklisting them one at a time. I do not even know that Studio is free from Wayland related files.
dpkg -l | grep 'wayland'
when run on Studio 18.04 already gives a long list of wayland stuff. So I think it is stuff we pull in from core. If someone has more time than I do, they are welcome to create a Studio core... but moving away from the ubuntu core would aside from taking a lot of time mean we can't really say "Studio is Ubuntu, try asking that on #ubuntu".

Unless we were going to seed two ISOs as previously discussed, because then it would just be a matter of whichever ISO the user picks. Also, an

I will create a ubuntustudio-plasma-seed. When I feel reasonably confident about it, someone can find out how to get that to be built :)

idea could be to pull a Kubuntu & Lubuntu and switch to Clamares (sp?) instead of Ubiquity. From what Simon has told me, it’s a bit easier to work with.

It would be starting over... I think the thing to do is to create two desktop metas, add them to a standard desktop. then if the user chooses to not install either, force install the default or smaller of the two. (or fvwm :)

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