On February 22, 2018 5:38 PM, Ross Gammon <ro...@ubuntustudio.org> wrote:
>> Who is around to help testing for the first 3?

I will make sure to test all of the releases. However, I'm not sure yet how 
extensive I'll be able to test them. For the 16.04.4 release, I will can do a 
full install and test it thoroughly. With the 18.04 releases, I'll maybe have 
to test some installations on an external drive. I'll be able use another 
machine though at one point to verify any errors that I come accross.

I would also be in favour of releasing 18.04, even if it's just for software 
updates. The fact that there's a low-latency kernel preinstalled and some 
configurations regarding the audio group is already very helpful for people who 
are not able to set everything up manually.

Unfortunately, I can't offer to manage the project, because of the time 
constraints that we all have and also because I don't feel competent enough, 
still being relatively new to Ubuntu/Linux in general. However, I've worked on 
a project for about 1,5 years, taking some advertisement and social media 
duties, so if I can take off some workload there, I'm more than happy to help. 
Don't hesitate to send me some details on what is needed.
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