Author: Wendibus

thanks for your replys. 1st of all: 
There went something wrong with this board because I was waiting on a reply and did 
not received any email although I have used the checkbox ... well after all I have 
read it. But I'm sorry to write that I had not had any advance in the mean time. The 
page is still empty. The actual code is: 

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> 
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"></HEAD> 

>The empty page you get when you try from the web, does it 
>say "An error occured"? 

So there is no error message. When I go to the search.cgi dir and call search.cgi via 
ssh I still receive a quite good looking HTML-Code on the stdout... 

> First of all, did indexing go OK? Did your database grow 
> as it should? If yes, check this: 
Indexing looks fine to me. I use phpMyAdmin and there are many, many tables and a lot 
of entries. And indexere runs without an error message. 

> - Have you renamed search.htm-dist to search.htm? 
I have done so. When I remove or rename it and call search.cgi via the ssh I get an 
error message. So I have changed it on the right place ... 

> - Have you put the right DBAddr and user:password, DBMode 
> etc in search.htm? Do all settings in search.htm match 
> the equivalent settings in indexer.conf? 
I have used the same database entry as I did in indexer.conf: 

DBAddr mysql://user:password@server/database/ 
# Choose storage mode (see explanation in indexer.conf-dist): 
DBMode single 

> - Have you set permissions correctly for search.htm? 
search.htm is set to 600 

> - Are you using search results cache? Did you try without? 
I do not know how to set or unset this in search.htm 

> - Are you tracking queries? Did you try not to? 
I do not know how to set or unset this in search.htm 

> - Are you using ispell? Did you try without? 
I do not know how to set or unset this in search.htm but I have put comments in front 
of it in 

So if you do have another idea how to solve my problems I would be glad.... Thanks 

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