Author: Zenon Panoussis

> I have tried 600, which is fine for the indexer and I have tried 
> even 777 but it did not made any difference. After all search 
> (and search.cgi) can read it via ssh but it fails via browser ...

Oops - error. When you access it via ssh, it is user "wendibus" 
reading the file, while if you access it via the browser it is 
user "nobody" reading it. If the permissions of search.htm 
would be -rw------- (and everything else OK) you would get that 
precise effect. Search.htm should be -rw-r--r-- so that "nobody" 
can read it. 

In your particular case the problem is elsewhere (and the thing 
didn't work with search.htm in -rwxrwxrwx mode either), but 
anybody else reading the webboard should keep this in mind. 


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