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> Evening,
> To set the scene, my parents live in a village.  It's sort of an L shape,
> and has just gained a shiny new BT FTTC box, somewhere around the corner of
> the L.
> Houses down one leg of the L seem able to order this service, but from
> playing with the BT service checker widget, nobody on the other half of the
> L can, the checker just comes up with the old services, even when the house
> is right next to the box.
> Since they're stuck with 2 meg on a good day right now, it'd be nice to get
> them on at least a 40/10 service.  Does anyone know how many chickens I need
> to sacrifice to make this happen?  We could go as far as a goat if needed.

You may be able to fudge a bit more information out of Openreach by
ringing 0800 023 2023 and selecting Option 5, say you are going to
have your driveway redone and moved (including moving the dropped kerb
outside) and you want the cable maps for the property and surrounding
area.  They should email them to you.  You can normally use these to
tell which cabinet you are connected to.

The other thing you can do is submit a written complaint about
incorrect information being stored, and when that is rejected, chuck
it up to the Ombudsman.  It'll probably still get rejected but there
is a chance someone might actually look at the problem, and if not at
least BT will have to pay the fee for the Ombudsman's time.

I am assuming you have already checked on
http://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/where-and-when/ and that you
don't have the dreaded "Under Review" coming up for the relevant
address?  If you are under review, you are SOL.

Regardless, complete the expression of interest form at

Good luck,


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