What were you taking to be the meaning of Internet Connection Record
when you did this calculation? Every TCP connection? Or only each TCP to
a different site (which would still include a bunch of different ICRs
per page, especially thanks to advertising, but I'm surprised if it is
as many as you say).

That was each http connection, so N requests creates N records in my log
but uses M tcp connections with M < N. I did
it browser side so I'd see all of them. At the network layer you might
see just one connection with many of the requests using the same
connection, but I think this all gets very hard once you have ten sites
sharing the same IP - which if you've seen our IPv6 only hosting
presentation - is likely to get more common for v4 only subscribers.

Either way, browsers use multiple tcp connections for performance so
you'll definitely see more than one per host.

Checking now, a single page request from the Telegraph uses 53 different
domains - so that might be a more appropriate lower bound with 100
probably a better guess.

Hope this helps.


Pete Stevens

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