Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your help with this. I went ahead and bought the memory from 
Cybertrading as per Peter's advice. So Peter, you won a beer! Is Ale ok for you?

@Maria - I don't have any spares I can use to run some checks, otherwise I 
would have done that. Was more curious to see what the great www knowledge came 
up with, but in this instance it wasn't much to find.

On 10 Jul 2018, 23:25 +0100, Maria Blackmore <mar...@gmail.com>, wrote:
> > On 10 July 2018 at 12:18, Catalin Dominte <dominte...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > I am trying to find some 2GB memory sticks for Sup2T supervisors, and the 
> > > Cisco Tax of 2k seems ridiculous, when the RAM is actually worth around 
> > > 90-100 quid.
> > >
> > > So far I managed to find the specs are 2GB SODIMM DDR2, but I cannot find 
> > > the actual frequency or anywhere to check what are the detailed specs for 
> > > the RAM. After all RAM is RAM so should not be that hard to get this 
> > > replaced with non Cisco branded ones.
> >
> > Have you been able to pull a Sup 2T to check the RAM that's in them 
> > already? Even if they don't gave a part code on them, you should still be 
> > able to look at the model numbers on the RAM chips and from their get their 
> > specs.
> >
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