Hi everyone!
Using instructions from letter:

I have changed row:
disk1 = "Silicon Image Sil 3124 SoftRAID 5 Driver Installation


disk1 = "Silicon Image Sil 3124 SoftRAID 5 Driver Installation

But again the same failure :( I have no more ideas, where I could
check/see what is wrong. Any ideas?


Remark: I really do not understand how \txtsetup.sif,"" could help. I have
checked three txtsetup.sif files (after unsuccessful installation) but I
do not found anything about driver for si3124r5 (I have searched for
"3124" keyword). I do not thing that, but could it be that Debian Squeeze
using UTF8 character set and window/dos (FAT) using cpl852 - which is the
Hungarian code page? What is going on? Parser is found the appropriate
txtsetup.oem - it complain about one row from that - in other side it does
not see relevant file or it is damaged? I hardly believe - the file is
there but parser(?) do not see it? May be the "disk1" is too long?

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