I peek in on the various proposals on the document register from time to time, and it is only with some effort that I restrain myself from sending this list some sort of checklist with my crochety-old-man opinions on most of them as if anyone cared.  But I do have a thought to raise regarding the proposed MIRROR emoji.

It's just that it seems to me that a wall-mirror and a hand-mirror have rather different connotations and are so unalike in kind that it would be weird not to disunify them, or at the very least to stipulate clearly which one of them is being accepted.  Some of the meanings/connotations of MIRROR in the proposal seem to me to be mostly true of HAND MIRRORs, not so much ones on the wall or freestanding.  These include vanity and primping.

Just a thought.  It looks like the accepted sample glyph is a freestanding or wall mirror; I just think that it should be stipulated in the notes.  Not sure how well I could defend that feeling.


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