Hi, Andrew and Behdad,

Prompted by a conversation I had with Liang Hai yesterday, I am just
curious to get some idea about the following:

(1) When can we anticipate that the USE spec will be updated to provide
support for subjoined consonants below vowels (as required for TAI THAM) ?

(2) Once the USE spec is updated, how much lag time can we expect until
Microsoft actually releases an implementation with said support for CV+C ?

(3a) And the related question —for Behdad and the HarfBuzz development
group— is when can we expect to see CV+C support (at least for TAI THAM) in
HarfBuzz ?

(3b) Would the HarfBuzz team consider providing CV+C support for TAI THAM
even before the USE spec gets updated, so that we could test things out ? *


** A good use case is the Tai Tham word U+1A27 U+1A6A U+1A60 U+1A37 ,
transcribed to Central Thai script as จูบ, (*to kiss*). Currently, people
are writing this as U+1A27 U+1A60 U+1A37 U+1A6A ("จบู") which violates the
"phonetic ordering" but is the current workaround because USE is still
broken for TAI THAM.


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