I was looking though Maha Sena's textbook on Tai Tham for Pali, and I
noticed that he had a Lao script Pali section that made use of a nukta
that seems to me to be indistinguishable from U+0EBA LAO SIGN PALI
VIRAMA.  Is it therefore in order to use that character for this nukta,
just as U+0E3A THAI CHARACTER PHINTHU functions as a nukta?

Now the nukta and the vowels below slightly interact, with the nukta on
the left and the vowel below in the right.  As U+0EBA has ccc=9 and the
Lao vowels below have ccc=118, this seems to be fine.  (of course, I
may have to wait to find a font that arranges them correctly.)

I attach an example of the word "viññūhīti".


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