You don't need an ISO 15924 script code. You need to think in terms of BCP
47. Sanskrit in Latin would be sa-Latn. Now, if you want to distinguish the
different transcription systems for writing Sanskrit in Latin, you can
apply to registry a BCP 47 variant. There are also BCP 47 extension T,
which may also be useful to you:

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> Sanskrit has traditionally been written in a variety of scripts ranging
> from Sharada to Grantha. In the past two centuries, it has been written in
> Latin based scripts as well (please see
> <>). We
> would like these Latin based scripts (IAST, ISO 15919, Kyoto-Harvard,
> ITRANS, Velthuis, SLP1, WX, National Library at Kolkata romanisation) to be
> included in the list.
> The reason is that we would like to be able to present sanskrit text in a
> variety of scripts and representations (see related thread
> <!topic/sanskrit-programmers/bFnS0PsoDa4>)
> - and search engines like Google
> <>recommend using  ISO
> 15924 to specify the script. Please guide us as to how to proceed.
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