>   I have just find it. So, it is fourth language that continue Icon
>   tradition (Unicon, Godiva, Wrapl and now Converge)

Kazimir, thanks for the pointer to Converge.  Can you provide a pointer to
Wrapl?  It does not seem to show up on Google...

Regarding Converge, I think we should applaud any language effort that
promotes generators and goal-directed evaluation.  I don't think Converge
is more general than Icon and Unicon (as some have suggested) and don't
think Converge's authors portray Icon or Unicon entirely accurately.
They seem to be Python people who are producing a better Python; one
that incorporates more of Icon, and also includes their own ideas.
This is a wonderful thing; Python recently added "generators" but really
botched it in comparison to Icon, and Converge does much better than
Python in that regard.

Converge is making a serious attempt at object pattern matching that is of
strong interest in some application domains, and because they are doing so
in the context of a goal-directed language, some of their ideas might
translate nicely into the context of Unicon.

The Converge paper also reminded me that Unicon is overdue to borrow
Python's initialized-table constructor. :-)


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