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If this does not interest you, please at least forward it to a friend who may care about the proliferation of Land Fills and the every increasing use of Plastics, even with No Numbers hence not recyleable in Philadelphia... and all the other things Jim Crater's amazing place takes and finds the right people to send to;..............

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Subject: An Important Message from Jim Crater at Recycling Services, Inc.
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Recycling Services, Inc. 365 Elm St. Pottstown, Pa. 19465 (a 501c-3 non profit corporation)
Dear Friends:

You are receiving this mailing because you have been a good friend and supporter of Recycling Services, Inc. Thank you for that. This letter is a special appeal for donations to keep RSI operating. Supporting membership contributions like yours are the only way to see us through our current crisis. Please help to keep our services available to the people of this area. We have never had to do an appeal like this before… but these are difficult times.

In our last mailing I wrote of this year being one of the most difficult of our 41 years. Markets, with the exception of metals, are real poor and often we find shipment of materials is followed by a very long wait for payment. We are also finding more and more folks not helping with the gate fee. Others say they can just kick in $2 or $3 of the $8 that is requested to cover our costs. Combining this with some unfavorable weather and less visitors, (last Tuesday just 33 cars) and you can see our dilemma. We are truly running on empty. Right now we have enough funds on hand for one more pay period for employees; there is no reserve. Our recent supporting membership drive collected less than half of what was expected.

So, what to do? I've increased ads on the Internet for materials and equipment not needed to be sold, several more ads in Lancaster Farming this week for solar equipment and more things going up on Craigs list today. Mostly folks need to understand… we have insurance & maintenance expenses that every business has, we currently have 13 employees.

Our most pressing need is for operating funds to carry us through the rest of the year. In the meantime, it will be necessary to carefully look at the numbers and conduct a survey to see just how folks use our facility. This will tell us then how to adjust gate fees, days and hours. Perhaps the gate fee should be on a per vehicle basis, i.e., a truck load of foam is much more expensive for us to handle than a car load mix.

You may have already sent a contribution this year, if so please consider an additional donation. It will be greatly appreciated. If you have not given recently, please consider putting us back on your list of worthy causes to support. We know that economic times are difficult for many of you. If everyone receiving this letter could give at least $50.00, it would help a lot. If you can afford to give more, please do.

Stay tuned, please submit ideas as they are greatly appreciated, you can reach me at you can also submit comments on our facebook page. (Recycling Services, Inc.) Be sure and LIKE us when you're there and we can update you that way.

Thanks for your continued interest & support.
Jim Crater


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