Dear Neighbors and friends, Here is the Craig's list ad, for easy viewing of 
photos.I must have the house empty, by Wednesday, so we can enjoy a win-win.  
You get bargains and I get to wave good bye to things that move from my beloved 
possession to yours.It is a bit of a treasure hunt, but as things are carried 
away, new and wonderful items are revealed.  Some of the deepest buried items 
are the oldest, most interesting or more valuable, so it may be a fun and 
profitable use of your time. Please pardon duplicate 
postings, and please forward to any person or list that might generate some 
sales for me or opportunities for your friends, clients or associates. 
Everything must go! Super bargains, range from Free to $1,000 (but a great 
value on an item that retails closer to $8,000). $20 is a 'place-holder'. Rare 
and wonderful are: Antiques (Dental Chair, Camel Saddle-Chairs, Seat made from 
Conestoga Wagon parts, a red Hutch and mirrored dressers); useful Eating 
Utensils (3/$1.00), Sheets and Towels ($1/each - 5 for matched sets), 
Comforters ($10); Entertaining (Art, many pieces framed, and many VHS, CD and 
DVD, and equipment to play them), Luxurious (a regal, King-sized, Brass Bed 
Frame and a Heartwood Stove); Some smaller Store Displays, (Shelves, Cases, 
Hooks, Hangars, etc.); Collectibles (everything from a NASCAR model to Star 
Wars playing cards and "Hello Kitty" Mugs); Practical items like End tables, 
Floor and Desk Lamps. This is my final day to SELL, so if you don't like my 
prices, please make an offer. The sale runs from Noon until 6 PM at 4611 
Springfield Avenue, Phila, PA 19143. Thanks and all the best! Liz               
                              Elizabeth Campion, Broker Associate
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach REALTORS       210 W. Rittenhouse 
Square, Suite 406
                                         Phila, PA 19103  and

215-790-5653 Phila, PA Office
302-368-1621 NCC, DE Office
215-880-2930 Cell  or for rental questions

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Thank you, I wish you all the best now and into the future!
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