Just a heads up that apparently someone, either an individual or possibly
more than one person, is stealing packages delivered and left on porches.

I had a phone delivered via Fedex today and it's not there, it's gone.  So
now I have to file a police report and file a copy of that with the phone
carrier and Fedex so I can get a replacement.

I don't believe there's a Fedex store that will allow pick-ups of
deliveries, just drop-offs for sending out.  And yes, that's the shipping
carrier the company uses for their phones.

So, be careful, be on the lookout and try to find a safe place to have your
packages left.

Color me disgusted, disappointed, frustrated and po'ed.  I'm not even sure
where I need to go as far as going to the police station to file a report!
Anyone know?  Is it a million miles away? (I don't drive and it's been
hotter than hades for trying to walk).  Thanks!


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