Dear Neighbors,

Today about 2:00 PM as I was pulling out of my driveway I saw a woman carrying 
a sealed package from <>

She spotted me as I was waiting for traffic and or any pedestrians to pass 
before I came out of my driveway, and stepped back between two parked cars.

She was an African-American woman, perhaps in her 20’s or 30’s, who was very 
thin with long braids, (couldn’t tell whether they were real or fake), and dark 
complected, (not VERY dark), wearing a coat I thought was light brown, with a 
large, long heavy-knit scarf wrapped around her neck.  Her coat was open.

I went round the block after waiting at the STOP sign at 45th & Pine St. to see 
if I would see her again.  She was not there.

Our neighbors on the 4400 Osage do not have front porches, and often packages 
are left on the doorstep.  I also do not have a front porch, but often our cars 
hide the front door step. (Except for our former newspaper thief.)

Sorry that this is all I can report.  This is the best description of the 
person carrying the sealed package from Amazon I could give. 

I was just wondering if anyone on the 4400 block of Osage Ave. was expecting a 
package today they didn’t receive.

Thank you for your consideration.



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