Regarding the requestbackport package, it is really only the template
for the bug report that needs to change from memory. I don't think it
had any other workflow related information. Once that is fixed, it just
needs a reference from the backports process wiki again (like it used to

Regarding the backportpackage script, I just tried it, and it is fine for 
testing in a ppa. I think we could already recommend using this on the wiki 
with a ppa specified in the -u option. Perhaps a warning not to upload to the 
archive with it yet would be required though. I had hoped I could specify the 
new "bpo" version string with the suffix option, but according to the manpage, 
the "~ubuntu" bit is hardwired: 
-S SUFFIX, --suffix=SUFFIX
              Add the specified suffix to the version number when backporting.
              backportpackage  will  always append ~ubuntuDESTINATION.1 to the
              original version number, and if SUFFIX is specified, it  is  ap‐
              pended to that, to get version numbers of the form ORIGINAL_VER‐
              SION~ubuntuDESTINATION.1SUFFIX. If the backported package is be‐
              ing  uploaded to a PPA, then SUFFIX defaults to ~ppa1, otherwise
              the default is blank.

Now that a bug is always required, I suppose the script should prompt
for that, and the "-c/--close" options be taken away.

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  update backportpackage and requestbackport scripts to behave according
  to new backport process

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