** Description changed:

  This release sports both bug-fixes and new features and we would like to make 
sure all of our Ubuntu developers have access to these improvements.
  [Test Case]
  The following development and SRU process was followed:
  autopkgtests will be run for ubuntu-dev-tools as part of the SRU.
  The following changes affect how ubuntu-dev-tools interfaces with other 
  - after version 0.191, ubuntu-dev-tools has migrated to using argparse 
instead of optparse in its python programs.  To confirm compatibility with 
argparse in earlier versions of python, on each release earlier than lunar, run 
the commands 'backportpackage', 'bitesize', 'check-mir', 'grep-merges', 
'pull-debian-debdiff', 'requestbackport', 'requestsync', 'seeded-in-ubuntu', 
'sponsor-patch', 'submittodebian', 'syncpackage', 'ubuntu-build', 'ubuntu-iso', 
'ubuntu-upload-permission', and 'update-maintainer' with the '--help' option 
and confirm sensible output.
  - sponsor-patch has changed to use dpkg-source --skip-patches instead of 
dpkg-source --no-preparation.  Both options exist in dpkg since version 1.14.18 
so this is not a compatibility concern.
  - after version 0.189, ubuntu-build has added a 'from 
launchpadlib.credentials import TokenAuthorizationException' import.  This is 
present in python3-launchpadlib 1.10.13-1 in focal so is not a compatibility 
concern.  The 'ubuntu-build --help' check above is sufficient to ensure the 
import succeeds.
  [Where problems could occur]
- <TODO document any risks, as with any SRU>
+ After version 0.176, several commands have been dropped from 
ubuntu-dev-tools: ubuntu-archive-assistant, reverse-build-depends, hugdaylist, 
pull-revu-source.  Any users of ubuntu-dev-tools on focal will find these tools 
no longer available.  Of these tools, three are strictly only of use for Ubuntu 
developers (archive-assistant, hugdaylist, pull-revu-source) and two of those 
are no longer useful at all because they refer to an obsolete project or 
service.  The fourth tool, reverse-build-depends, was deprecated in favor of 
reverse-depends -b prior to the focal release, so anyone still using this 
command will be able to trivially adapt their usage to the current tool.

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  SRU ubuntu-dev-tools 0.193ubuntu4

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