It seems that python3-ubuntutools switched from using
urllib.request.urlopen() to requests.get() when fetching sources using
the pull() method. For the sake of providing a progress bar, both the
old code and the new code "streamed" the data by asking for chunks at a
time, incrementally saving those to disk, and then later checking the
size and checksum. But the switch to requests now inadvertently
_decompresses_ files, in the case for example of a .diff.gz. The
uncompressed data gets written to a file named something.diff.gz, which
of course is now larger than expected.

For validation purposes we require the original unmodified file to be
written to disk.

I don't see a way of getting the requests library to handle transfer
encoding but not content encoding without using undocumented API. As far
as I can tell, the raw attribute would give me neither.

Perhaps "Accept-Encoding: identity" in the request would help? Would
that be correct in all cases?

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