mff wrote: 
> Although I tested many different asound.conf configurations there was no
> chance to get squeezelite running as soon as using the "channels" option
> with the dmix plugin.
> It seems to me something is interfering the configuration of my
> asound.conf or there is a missing (software?) component in Tiny Core
> Linux.
> I tested the setup of John Danning from the link in my previous post. He
> used minibian as system base and there was no problem when splitting the
> outputs with his asound.conf. All four independent stereo outs worked
> like a charm.
> It would be great if this could also be realized with piCorePlayer,
> because the system seems to be the most reasonable one of all
> linux+raspberry+squeezelite setups out there. 
> greetings
> mff

Why bother? multiple synced picoreplayers with amplifiers
( or others) is much the most simple

Transporter or Cyrus streamX>CyrusDACX>PreXvs>ESPAudio P09B Active
filter>Cyrus X x 2>Rhapsody, Avondale and Naim cable, Kubuntu 14.10
server, various boxes for storage.
SB3 Flycatcher 3A linear power supply. Touch also.
Using SqueezeBoxServer (LMS) 7.8.1
Also piCorePlayer>Rega DAC>B4>Avondale 260>Royd Eden  Kubuntu 14.10
also naim 32.5>hicap>140>Akroyd Coniston
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