I'm not sure If I understand what your program is doing, but If you just
want a serial console, that would be easy to setup, we don't have it
setup right because it requires different kernel command lines for the
rpi vs rpi3.

if you want a serial console.....edit cmdline.txt and make sure the
console is setup for your board


all other rpi devices

Then in /opt/bootlocal.sh before the pcp launch, start the serial
/usr/sbin/startserialtty &

Ad-hoc network.......we've talked about that, and would work for the rpi
zeroW and rpi3, but supporting on every USB dongle would be a

Country code is not currently supported by our startup scripts, and they
automatically generate the wpa_supplicant.conf.  .....the rpi broadcom
wireless struggles on these channels anyway.

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