rlc999 wrote: 
> I have an issue that I'm looking for some advice on.  I recently
> configued an RPi with picoreplayer running LMS.  I have a Transporter
> that I use with this setup.  I just did this, so versions are current
> (picoreplayer is 3.22; I believe that's LMS 7.9.1; and it's an RPi 3).  
> Everything operates well, except that, when I turn the Transporter off,
> I can hear and see it click very quickly on and off.  This occurs maybe
> every couple minutes or so.  The RPi and picoreplayer are "on" of
> course.  I've not assumed or planned to shutdown the RPi when I'm not
> using it.  I can't think of or find a setting anywhere that might get
> this behavior to stop.
> any suggestions?

highly likely its the powersupply issue on the Transporter. Easy simple
cheap fix (can you use a screwdriver).  See these links.  When you buy
the new power supply, buy several (parts are way cheaper than the

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Radio (all ethernet)
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Radio w/Battery (all ethernet except Radio)
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*Spares:* Transporter, Touch(3), Radio(3), Boom, SB3, CONTROLLER
*Controllers:* iPhone6 & iPadAir2 (iPeng & Squeezepad), CONTROLLER, or
SqueezePlay 7.8 on Win10(64) laptop
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