rmac321 wrote: 
> Eureka!  Now that I found it, it's kind of a duh!
> The solution to getting the framebuffer to be created promptly is in the
> bootlocal.sh script.  When jivelite was enabled, the modprobe settings
> were placed at the end of bootlocal.sh after the call to
> do_rebootstuff.sh, so since they aren't called yet the framebuffer isn't
> created until after do_rebootstuff is finished in its entirety.  Moving
> the modprobe commands to execute before do_rebootstuff.sh causes the
> framebuffer to be created and the screen to switch over and the rest of
> the boot/setup messages are then displayed on the TFT.
> I still don't know why slimserver needed to be stopped under the prior
> circumstances, but moving the modprobe commands to precede
> do_rebootstuff.sh negates the problem.
> Hope this helps others

Thanks a lot - it really helped me, I'd run into the same problem.

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