w3wilkes wrote: 
> I built a PiCorePlayer using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B and Hifiberry DAC+
> Pro. Went together without a hitch. Installed Picoreplayer 3.22 (not
> audio) and that went well. I've now got it all working on my wifi
> network, but I have an audio problem. For the most part it's great (by
> this I mean the sound is clean with no audible distortion), but volume
> isn't what my Squeezebox receiver was and vocal frequency range seems to
> be very lacking from what I'm used to. I have volume set to 100% in
> Squeezelite, but have changed nothing else. How do I go about applying
> some equalizer settings to bring up the vocal range? And maybe a little
> more in the high end, bass is fine. My amp really has no tone control or
> I'd adjust it there. My best shot at editing anything not modifyable via
> the webUI for squeezelite or picoreplayer would be to remove the card
> and edit on my Win10 PC and put the card back in the Pi player. I found
> this over on volumio.org that sounds like what I've got going on, but
> the help just said to contact HFB...
> https://volumio.org/forum/hifiberry-dac-plus-pro-best-settings-raspberry-t6487.html
> Anybody here have any suggestions??
> Should this be here or should I have started a new thread?

There is the ALSA 10 Band Equalizer which is available from the 'Tweaks'
tab of the webUI (need to be in advanced or beta mode, available at
bottom of browser window). I've only played with it myself but it does

However, if the vocals really are that 'low' compared with what you
would expect, I'm wondering if there's something other the equalisation
wrong. Vocals are usually recorded so that they come in the middle of
the stereo field, which means that they usually come out of both
speakers equally. Sometimes if one channel is out of phase then anything
placed centrally (including vocals) in the mix can seem to be at reduced
volume compared with other stuff which may be mixed more to the left or
right in the stereo field. Some mp3 players have a Karaoke mode which
does this on purpose. Is it possible that the HiFiberry has a setting
somewhere that inverts the phase of one channel? I'm assuming that the
rest of the system is properly wired up with regards to phase.


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