Stoker wrote: 
> There is the ALSA 10 Band Equalizer which is available from the 'Tweaks'
> tab of the webUI (need to be in advanced or beta mode, available at
> bottom of browser window). I've only played with it myself but it does
> work.
> However, if the vocals really are that 'low' compared with what you
> would expect, I'm wondering if there's something other the equalisation
> wrong. Vocals are usually recorded so that they come in the middle of
> the stereo field, which means that they usually come out of both
> speakers equally. Sometimes if one channel is out of phase then anything
> placed centrally (including vocals) in the mix can seem to be at reduced
> volume compared with other stuff which may be mixed more to the left or
> right in the stereo field. Some mp3 players have a Karaoke mode which
> does this on purpose. Is it possible that the HiFiberry has a setting
> somewhere that inverts the phase of one channel? I'm assuming that the
> rest of the system is properly wired up with regards to phase.
> --Ian

Ian, Thanks for the reply. I hooked up my Squeeze box receiver and it
sounds just like I think it should so I don't think it's a wiring
problem. Once sourceforge comes back I'll try the alsa mixer. Haven't
seen a karaoke mode so I don't think that can be it either.

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