Howard Passman wrote: 
> I can live with this, but it is perplexing to me. Everything is the same
> as it has been for about a year. Same RPI running piCorePlayer, hooked
> to the same monitor using the HDMI output and using the same
> router/access point. About a week ago I went to use it and it seemed
> frozen. I tried to reboot and the wifi came up, but could not find the
> access point. I brought it upstairs and tried it. It worked fine.
> I then changed access points/routers. Started it up. No problem. Took it
> back downstairs and had the same problem. Eventually, I decided to try
> it without the monitor hooked up and it works fine. I thought maybe it
> needed a better power supply because of the HDMI, although I'm pretty
> sure the HDMI is powered by the TV. Anyway, that didn't work either.
> I then wiped it and started again, which took several days thanks to
> Souceforge :-) Tried it again...same behavior. I did try it with a
> different monitor using the HDMI output and it worked fine. I am
> scratching my head and don't know exactly where else to look.
> In a nut shell, everything loads normally, WiFi comes up and starts
> looking for the access point. It goes through the three tries and never
> connects. If I boot it and turn the monitor off before it gets tot he
> third try,or any point before that, it boots fine and connects to WiFi.
> As I said, not a big deal, just perplexing. 
> Using all of the latest software on a original RPI Bwith a HiFiBerry RCA
> DAC attached. 
> Thanks again,
> Howard

Sounds to me (of course, I'm only a "junior" member ;) that the
problematic TV/monitor is emitting RF interference of some type,
disrupting the wifi signal just enough to prevent connection. I would
try booting up pCP with monitor powered on but 1) with TV/monitor
connected to different hdmi source and 2) with powered TV/monitor not
connected to any source. If either produces same result, than you can
eliminate pCP as the problem.

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