sdiesel77 wrote: 
> Hi Paul
> I've been recommended to use it with my DAC. As"apparently"  the RPI USB
> port is not the best in direct for audio. Same for my DAC (Chord Qute
> Ex) it seems that the Coax has better audio quality.
> At the moment, it does work but the sound quality is not as good as my
> Squeezebox Touch. :(

If the Chord is your DAC, what I would do is put a hifiberry digi+ or a
Allo Digione on the rpi, and feed spdif to your Cord.   That setup would
completely take USB out of play.

However, there is alot of USB tinkering that can be done, and it also
makes a difference as to the Alsa output device.  There is a section on
the tweeks page which lets you tune the USB FIQ handler, which can help
many usb devices.  Also what Alsa output is on the squeezelite page. 
Take a look at this list for clues.   And
if you get a good setup, please feel free to list your settings.

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