philosopher wrote: 
> Installed the plugin, did not build it.
> Forgot to mention, when client is connected to Lms running on other
> machines, same network/internet access, everything is perfect. So there
> is something wrong with the pi. Maybe this double pcm/flac conversion is
> causing issues. I did not find anything hungry in resources though. Pi
> is running pretty much idle all the time.
> Skipping track is painful though, almost unusable. 
> Too bad, the plugin is cool, nice work man.
> I've used it in other machines, rocks big time. Something wrong with the
> pi though, I'll keep searching.
> Do you have a guide for Lms installation on pi? Maybe some library
> missing/bad version?
> I've basically followed this one
> ThanksI would just use max2play or picoreplayer. Much easier and lots of users
in the forum.

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