1uke_ wrote: 
> I don't mean to be hostile, far from it, but I couldn't help noticing
> you are the developer for these plug ins? Are you sure you aren't just
> getting people to install your plug ins so they become more popular?
> Please excuse me for being sceptical .....

I haven't heard that idea before - "to be more popular make it hard for
users to load the plugin" a bit perverse. I gain nothing by having more
users.  Writing a plugin take time - supporting users takes way way more
time and the more users the more time it takes. My free time is finite
so it would be much easier for me just to keep a plugin to myself.

The BBCiPlayer plugin was developed by Triode who suddenly dropped off
the forum.  He was a very significant contirbutor to LMS, Squeezeplay
and plugin codebases. All I can assume there was a life changing event.
The 1.3alpha3 was his last release from his repository and it only
support HLS..  Since it was release, some users offered patches and then
patches to the patches to keep it working. There is still an installed
base of users with 1.3 .  If I were to ask mherger to drop the 1.3 repo
and put up my 1.5 as an upgrade - this would break many of the existing
user of 1.3. (possibly none, possibly 1, possibly 100s)  and I would
have to support these users - who no doubt would be unhappy that their
working system has suddenly been broken by me.  So I would prefer a
quiet life and let the 1.3 users migrate when they want to.

The rationale for continued support for BBCiPlayer was that I daily use
BBCiPlayer (and I worked with Triode on previous AlienBBC plugin) but
the plugin only supports HLS and I had no reference HLS player.  BBC
then announced that DASH would be their preferred format in the future.
So I incorporated patches, and wrote DASH support and released 1.4 and
then 1.5 as beta plugin as BBC still say DASH support is beta. I do not
support HLS format.  DASH implementation had bugs and also BBC makes
changes which means quick turnaround is needed - I can do this by making
sure users go direct to my repository rather than having to wait for LMS
main repository to be updated which can take a significant delay. 
Controlling my repository also allowed me to do special version such as
Flac and spatial stereo support for last year Proms.

> With that said you do seem to be like the person to talk to about plug
> ins, could you recommend to me some other plug ins that are good to
> install to extend the functionality of the Logitech Music Server. 
Sorry, I only use a very small number of plugins - mainly mine.  

Rather than ask for recommendation or install lots of plugins which
rarely get used, wait until you have a need than ask on the forum in a
new topic to see if that need can be me.  You could search the 3rd party
forum for topics beginning "Announce" to see what plugin have been
written but no guarantee they are still supported.

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