I've thought about where to post this and I think this is the correct
forum. I have two pCP's. One on a RPI3B and one on a RPI3B+. I don't
think this makes any difference, but what do I know. Ill answer that.

On the RPI3B, using the command "pcp rand" in the tweaks page of pCP,
the player starts playing a random mix of songs when it reboots. The
behavior is the same if it's just a reboot or a hard start.

On the RPI3B+, it does not, in either type of start up.

Both are running pCP 3.50 and the latest LMS software. I have tried
uninstalling and reinstalling "Random Mix" and if it was acting the same
on both players/servers I would say it was in the LMS.

Any thoughts on why or how to track it down?



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