Hi Greg,

What I've been trying to do is use a pCP in my car, so the APmode was a
god send. But, no matter if you use the LMS settings or the Tweaks, the
player will not reboot and start playing a playlist. It always looses
the previous playlist I'm assuming because it looses power from the

However, what I found from just trying this in the house is it behaves
the same way. If APmode is on none of the commands from Tweak or LMS do

I did another post explaining that a little while ago. I may be
confusing the matter.



Greg Erskine wrote: 
> Hi Howard,
> I am a little confused reading your post so I'll just make a couple of
> points.
> "pcp rand" generates a random playlist for the player. It doesn't need a
> restart or reboot maybe just a play command. ie. "pcp rand; pcp play".
> In fact if you shutdown and leave it off for 10 or 15 minutes LMS will
> forget the player, including the playlist. 
> "pcp rand" has nothing to do with AUTOSTARTLMS="randomplay+tracks". This
> feature means the player will generate and play a new random playlist
> when rebooted.
> I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. I play random all the
> time, I don't using use any autostart features. By default, if you are
> playing a random playlist, and reboot pCP, it will just continue playing
> the random playlist.
> Are you running multiple instances of LMS on your network? This can be
> very confusing.
> Use the web interface for settings as much as possible. Doing it
> manually only adds to the problem. If you do decide to manual changes
> you need to do a "backup" to make the changes persistent. Remember that
> piCorePlayer is mainly in RAM, changes vanish after a reboot unless you
> backup.
> regards
> Greg

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