thanks a lot for all the information. It's getting clearer bit by bit

> Sure is 192KHz? "resample_newstream:232 disable resampling - rates
> match" state is not, maybe you are downsampling server side, try tyo add
> -x to the command line to avoid it, if you like more, but I would advise
> you to live the server doing that.
> You could also look for "TRANSCODE" commands in convert.conf to see what
> transcoding is applyed by LMS when sample rate is greater than the one
> supported by the player

Yes it's definitely 192Khz. So as far as I understood. Squeezelite hands
over to LMS that it's not capable to play and LMS than resamples right?
I wanted to test your -x Parameter but this is not available - only X
(Capitol Letter which is "Use linear volume adjustments instead of in
terms of dB")

I compiled with these options


Maybe there's something missing.

In regards to DXD - anyone here who have more information? There is some
High Res Material available (also for testing at NativeDSD). If someone

Thanks S

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