Hello Paul. I uninstalled squeezelite and LMS, then reinstalled LMS
(v7.9.2, ARCH-AUR-REL.7.9.2.arch2) and rebooted.
Logitechmediaserver.service is running. But I still can't connect. I get
the same error message in server.log:

    19-09-12 10:19:40.3761] Slim::Networking::IO::Select::__ANON__ (131) Error: 
Select task failed calling Slim::Web::HTTP::acceptHTTP: Bad arg length for 
Socket::inet_ntoa, length is 16, should be 4 at 
/opt/logitechmediaserver/Slim/Web/HTTP.pm line 248.
  ; fh=HTTP::Daemon=GLOB(0x3564730)

Your explanation (ipv6 address where ipv4 is expected) makes sense to
me, but I've installed  the "latest stable version" from the AUR and my
ArchLinux installation is fully up to date. I can't understand why that
sort of problem wouldn't have been taken into account.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.



Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - TRUNK @ UNKNOWN, formerly running
on Wandboard Quad using Squeeze on Arch
Music library formerly on ReadyNAS NV+
Squeezebox Touch plugged into run-of-the-mill stereo rig via Musical
Fidelity X-Act, currently unable to find an LMS installation
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