Man in a van wrote: 
> Ian, I loaded up an IQAudio DAC+ onto a rpi4b (4gb).
> ronnie

Thanks for this Ronnie. I haven't bought a pi 4 yet I thought I would
leave it a month or so and then upgrade.

If IQAudio haven't come up with a case by then I may buy something like
the Pimoroni case with GPIO exposed and some sort of mechanical support
of the external DAC and SSD drive.

Incidentally I noticed your .DSF test tracks which play on the DAC+ as
you know.

I had a couple of the 2L Test tracks too including the Hoff Ensemble.
I've now got into SACD ripping through a second hand Sony Blu Ray
(£30.00) and some of the results are quite brilliant. The Analogue
Productions SACD's of Nat King Cole are excellent if not almighty
expensive and illusive.


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