I have an email account with RunRev: @sage.on-rev.com

It has worked flawlessly for many years, but for several weeks now all email 
sent from this account to Microsoft addresses (for example, Hotmail and MSN) 
have bounced. (All addresses on my list, other than the MS addresses, go 
through without a problem.)

I have reported this problem and Robin at RunRev is working on a resolution, 
but without success. 

Is there a chance that anyone else on this list has found a workaround?

Thanks, Jim Hurley

P.S. I have other email accounts, the above “@sbcglobal,.com” for example, but 
only @sage.on-rev.com  allows more than 100 email recipients at a time.
This is something of an emergency for us. We, i.e. my neighborhood association, 
is attempting to deal with the wildfire threat here in rural California. So 
getting the word out to these MS email accounts in our neighborhood association 
is important.

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