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I’ve had this before with other accounts, albeit not run-rev. It’s always a problem with the server thinking I’m sending spam when eMailing to many addresses. Even if you get the IP address removed from a blacklist you run the risk of it getting put on again without any notification. I suggest
you use MailChimp, it’s free and works like a charm.

Or get a dedicated IP for your mail server, or become a mail admin and set up your own system for handling mail, or....

The other solution is to shut down vigilantism.

Collective punishment is recognized by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as flat-out wrong. Why do we tolerate it in cyberspace with spam vigilantes?

I respect the difficulty of fighting spam, but knocking hundreds of legitimate accounts offline because one user of a machine is criminal is like shooting up a an entire neighborhood of families to get one bank robber.

I've tried contacting some of the vigilante spam fighters to get white listed, with varying results. Many respond to such requests with a presumption of guilt, making it not only unnecessarily difficult to resolve the issue, but just plain rude as well.

IP whitelisting must be made simple and straightforward. Vigilantes should recognize that it's far better to let a spammer slip through the prevention system than to risk preventing legitimate people from conducting their business through email.

But they don't.

So we need to take away their ropes and their hangin' trees, and turn their zeal down a few notches to rejoin a fair and just society.

- rg/4w

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