In LC905rc1, the Dictionary entry for Export Snapshot does not appear to indicate how any error value is returned (for example if the file can not be written)

the result is not cleared after an export snapshot - i.e.

put the result into tTemp1 -- if this put "X" in tTemp1
export snapshot from this cd of stack "Images" to file tFile as PNG
put the result into tTemp2 -- the result is still "X"

So, does export snapshot return any error values. Shouldn't it? Is this a Documentation bug and there is some return value that is not documented or an Engine bug and if Export Snapshot encounters and error, it should return an error message in the result or empty in the result if successful?

Related: Anybody have a good tip to CLEAR "the result"? If you really want to be sure it is empty before calling something that may change it?

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