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> Oh. That looks hard. I don't even know how to take control of the 0x80 
> interrupt.
> However, here are some ideas for alternatives.
> Virtual
> Parallels has Coherence; Virtual Box has Seamless Mode; VMware has Unity. (I 
> don't use these, so check out what I say.) The capability is roughly the 
> same. You can run an application on a client OS in a window on the host. So, 
> if you have an older macOS running on a virtual machine that can run your 
> app, you can set things up so that you can double-click on your desktop and 
> run a 32-bit app.
> Real
> Another method is to set up little "servers" you can remote into. For 
> example, instead of upgrading to Catalina on your old Mac Mini, get a new Mac 
> Mini with Catalina and remote desktop into the old Mac Mini. Or have a Mac 
> that is running several virtual machines you can remote into (use memory 
> ballooning to share it well). The Apple EULA has constraints, but I think 
> this is OK. 
> Now, what if you can run an app on a remote machine like Coherence/Unity/SM? 
> You can readily run a single app in a window for a linux server using several 
> programs such as nomachine and (I think) xpra. But I don't know about macOS. 
> Maybe you can make a single-window app full screen and adjust the size of the 
> client window. I haven't tried this.
> Dar Scott
> Mad Scientist

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