Good Morning from SoCal,

Quick question, anybody ever develop a simplified LiveCode “developer 
interface/tool“ project?

If you’ve been around awhile, you might remember how HyperCard had multiple 
development modes. Level one allowed you to use drawing tools create buttons 
that would allow you to ”go to next card” etc. Pretty much no script access. 

Levels 2-3 gradually provided more capabilities. 

If you new the correct procedure, you could completely unlock Hypercard, with 
access to all developer components (Level 4?)

Has anybody created a simplified Livecode developer interface for newbies?  
Something that could be used to introduce, but not initially over whelm a new 

Just trying to not reinvent the wheel, if someone has already gone down this 
path and would be willing to share :)

Thank you!
John Patten

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