Three years ago I spent several months researching both the learner experience and how to fund, document, and market a UI specifically for young learners based on LiveCode Community Edition.

Many of the readers here may recall phone conversations and emails with them during my information-gathering phase.

I had to set the project aside because funding proved difficult. I hope to return to it as my own resources allow me to resume the arduous funding process.

The UI part of it was based around levels, but less like HyperCard's, and more like what you're looking for. HC's user levels were based around authoring capabilities by role, while my EDU design used them more like gaming levels for pedagological reasons.

I discussed this project as part of the second half of my Community Keynote at the last LC conference, for those of you who have access to them (I've asked that my community talks be made available publicly, but I can understand that it's not be a high priority).

I'm up to my armpits in commercial development at the moment, but am eager to return to this EDU project as soon as funding makes the effort viable. Anyone seriously interested in contributing to the efforts to help find funding for such a system is welcome to email me at ambassador AT

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

John Patten wrote:

Good Morning from SoCal,

Quick question, anybody ever develop a simplified LiveCode “developer 
interface/tool“ project?

If you’ve been around awhile, you might remember how HyperCard had multiple development modes. Level one allowed you to use drawing tools create buttons that would allow you to ”go to next card” etc. Pretty much no script access. Levels 2-3 gradually provided more capabilities.
If you new the correct procedure, you could completely unlock Hypercard, with 
access to all developer components (Level 4?)

Has anybody created a simplified Livecode developer interface for newbies?  
Something that could be used to introduce, but not initially over whelm a new 

Just trying to not reinvent the wheel, if someone has already gone down this 
path and would be willing to share :)

Thank you!
John Patten

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