The .mp4 file spec allows for 3 different audio formats. AAC, MPEG1-Layer1 and 
MPEG1-Layer2. AAC is by far the most often used audio codec.

I just made a quick video using each audio codec, and the only one that plays 
audio in LC is the AAC version (MacOS, LC 9.5.0). To make sure you’re video is 
the right format, download the sample stack in the bug report at 
<>. I know that video works, 
at least on Mac.

On MacOS. Quicktime is the default player on the Mac still today, but it’s not 
the same QuickTime from years ago that LC depended on. If “About QuickTime 
Player” shows version 10.5, you’re on the new one. QuickTime Player 7 uses the 
deprecated APIs.

Bryan Anderson
Exnihilo Media <>

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